Secretarial Course

To become a secretary, you need a high school diploma. A college degree is usually not required for general office positions, but may be advisable for certain fields, like legal and medical secretaries. In any position, you will receive on-the-job training to help you get used to office procedure - Here @ Bonalesedi Computer College you DO NOT NEED Matric to enrol for this course. 
Bonalesedi Computer College - provides a range of Administrative and Secretarial Skills Courses for Secretaries, PA’s and administrators which are designed to increase productivity and improve organisational skills. Our courses offer practical exercises paired with best practice and industry knowledge which focus on equipping delegates with tools to allow top efficiency and success in their day-to-day work lives.

If you work as a secretary, administrator, PA, executive assistant or office manager, you will undoubtedly be involved in all


1. Aspects of meetings management.


Not only are you required to organise meetings, you are also expected to be present, take notes, summarize action points and distribute comprehensive, accurate minutes.

- Learning about various types of meetings and your activities in formal and informal meetings
– Checklist the key things to arrange for a meeting
– Understanding the notice of a meeting, the meeting agenda and guidelines for distribution
– Understanding what people need minutes for and the importance of keeping them short and punchy
– Practical minute taking skills to allow you to notate discussions, procedures and action points
– Understanding common meeting jargon
– Preparing different types of minutes and what you need to do differently for each of these
– Distributing and following up of meeting action points

2. Computer literacy

– Introduction to computers

– Ms Word

– MS Excel

– MS PowerPoint

– MS Outlook

       SAQA: Various Codes 

3. Telephone management & Customer Care

–Customer care

– Handling customer complaints

– Communication

         SAQA: 252210

4. Report Writing 

– Learning templates for different types of reports

– Identify Information sources

– Compiling Reports (Planning, Structure of Reports, Language and Layout,       

   Controlling Reports

          SAQA: 110023

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