Basic Web Design Work Shop

The web design course consist of five modules:

Starting with a Plan
•    Determining the site’s purpose
•    Building a site image
•    Determining site content
•    Diagnosing the site’s dynamic requirements
•    Defining ways to attract visitors

Designing for the Web
Building Web Sites
Web Standards and Testing
Publishing and Site Maintenance

Advance Web Design Workshop

Creating a Mobile App with JQuery

The web design course consist of 11 modules:

Module 1, Prototyping jQuery Mobile

Module 2, making a Mom-and-Pop Mobile Website

Module 3, Analytics, Long Forms, and Frontends

Module 4, QR Codes, Geolocation, Google Maps API

Module 5, Client-side Templating, JSON APIs

Module 6, Automating Your Workflow with Grunt,

Module 7, Working with HTML5 Audio

Module 8, Fully Responsive Photography,

Module 9, Integrating jQuery Mobile into Sites

Module 10, Content Management Systems

Module 11, Putting It All Together

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